Public housing

Maintenance manual

This maintenance manual has been provided to assist you and Department of Housing to correctly identify any repairs or maintenance, which need to be carried out on your home. It is designed to be easy to read by placing numbers beside the items so even if you don’t know the name, you can tell the maintenance officer the number of the item.

Using this manual PDF icon 45 KB
Bathroom PDF icon 340 KB
Clothes line PDF icon 45 KB
Cupboard / wardrobes PDF icon 117 KB
Electrical PDF icon 56 KB
Electrical hot water service PDF icon 167 KB
Exterior of dwelling PDF icon 55 KB
External rubbish within Unit Complexes PDF icon 111 KB
Fans and regulators PDF icon 153 KB
Fences and gates PDF icon 54 KB
Kitchen sink / bench / cupboard PDF icon 242 KB
Laundry PDF icon 114 KB
Light fittings PDF icon 245 KB
Locks PDF icon 71 KB
Modifications PDF icon 114 KB
Power outlets/TV antenna sockets PDF icon 159 KB
Property Condition Report PDF icon 614 KB
Smoke detectors PDF icon 114 KB
Stove - electric / gas PDF icon 287 KB
Taps PDF icon 189 KB
Toilet PDF icon 172 KB
Walls / floors / doors / ceilings PDF icon 424 KB
Windows PDF icon 162 KB