Public housing

Accessing public housing

If you are a Territorian on a low income and looking to secure a home in the private rental market, you may be eligible for public housing or bond assistance.

Public housing application process

There are three stages to applying for public housing. Department of Housing will:

  1. establish eligibility
  2. calculate housing entitlement
  3. place prospective tenants on the waiting list

The application process takes two to four weeks, depending on how quickly you can provide the required information.

During the process you will also be asked to provide acceptable proof of identity. This is aligned with our Personal Information Access Policy, which protects your personal information. For information on what is considered acceptable please read the Proof of identification and income fact sheet PDF icon  198 KB .

You may want to provide supporting documentation from health professional or support agency as part of your application. The following documents will provide guidance for the referring professional.

A proof of identification form may be required for individuals who cannot provide two secondary sources of identification:

Integrated wait list

Department of Housing uses an integrated wait list to provide a single entry point to public and community housing.

The integrated wait list allows applicants to apply for community housing, including managed and supported accommodation, at the same time as applying for public housing.

For more information read the Integrated Wait List fact sheet PDF icon  150 KB.

What is community housing?

Community Housing is affordable rental accommodation provided by non-government community organisations. The community organisation manages the tenancy.

Some community organisations provide housing for people with special needs. These organisations have differing eligibility and rent setting policies. The length and type of lease offered may vary.

What is managed and supported accommodation?

Managed and supported accommodation is community housing with support services including counselling and life skills training. Facilities are managed and operated by non-government community organisations. Tenants can expect to pay a similar rent to public housing. For more information please see Managed, supported and transitional accommodation.

Wait times

Wait times vary from region to region.

For help with the application process, please contact your local Department of Housing office.

If you need emergency housing or at risk of becoming homeless please contact your local Department of Housing office and ask about priority housing.