Public housing

Public housing

The Department of Housing is committed to providing safe, secure and affordable housing to Territorians most in need.

Public rental housing is an affordable option for low income Territorians and families who have difficulty accessing rental accommodation in the private sector .

The department manages over 10,000 houses across the Territory's urban, regional and remote areas. 

Government commitment to public (social) housing

The Northern Territory and Australian governments, through the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan and Social Housing Initiative, are committed to creating or redeveloping public housing stock to reduce waiting times and meet areas of high demand.

Stage One Stimulus has seen the construction of 22 new homes. Stage Two Stimulus has enabled the delivery of 134 new public rental houses with the final 45 under construction. An additional 52 industry units of accommodation have been completed under Stage Two.

The Northern Territory Government has committed $49 million to build 150 new homes over three years.

Additionally, a large financial commitment has been made to ongoing public housing repairs and maintenance.

Accessing public housing

If you are a low-income earning Territorian who is struggling to secure a home in the private rental market you may be eligible to apply for a public housing dwelling.  Please read about our public housing eligibility or contact your local Housing office.