Housing choices

Housing choices

Real Housing for Growth

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The Territory Government’s Real Housing for Growth Plan provides more housing choices for Territorians.

The plan aims to increase housing supply and ease housing cost pressures to support the attraction and retention of key workers in the Territory.

Incorporating home ownership and rental initiatives, the plan will see up to 2000 new homes constructed across the Territory in the next four years.

The Real Housing for Growth Plan is made up of three key elements that aim to restore balance in the local property market.

  • Rent – increasing the number of affordable rental properties available to key workers.
  • Buy – providing Territorians with more opportunities to buy their own home.
  • Develop – facilitating an increase in new housing across the Territory with initiatives targeted at the supply of affordable homes for Territorians through a collaborative approach to building homes with the private sector.

These key elements incorporate a range of strategies that will provide Territorians with real opportunities and more housing choices.